EJN's publications

To strengthen the efficient application of Union instruments, the Network has also produced a wide range of citizens' and practitioners' guides. In these guides available in Union languages you will find useful information which can be downloaded at the EJN-civil section of the European e-Justice Portal or at the EU Bookshop (for those published as of 2014).

EJN's publications

Citizens Guides

Practitioners Guides

Citizens' guide to cross-border civil litigation in the European Union PDF (719 Kb) en

• Judicial cooperation in civil matters in the European Union PDF (3560 Kb) en

A Guide for Users to the European Small Claims Procedure PDF (845 Kb) en

Practice Guide for the application of the new Brussels II Regulation (2004) PDF (1588 Kb) en

Practice Guide for the application of the Brussels IIa Regulation (2014) PDF (2985 Kb) en

Practice Guide for the Application of the European Small Claims Procedure PDF (1055 Kb) en

Practice Guide for the application of the Regulation on the European Order for Payment PDF (5809 Kb) en

• Practical guide on using videoconferencing to obtain evidence in civil and commercial matters PDF (724 Kb) en

Practice guide for the application of the Regulation on the European Enforcement Order PDF (1310 Kb) en

• Practice guide for the application of the Regulation on the Taking of Evidence PDF (74 Kb) en

Other publications relevant in the area of civil judicial cooperation

2013 Compendium of European Union Legislation on Judicial Cooperation in Civil and Commercial Matters PDF (8121 Kb) en

European Council e-book on Civil Law – European Judicial Cooperation

Guide to Good Practice under the Hague Convention of 25 October 1980 on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction - Mediation PDF (771 Kb) en

Challenges in adoption procedures in Europe: Ensuring the best interests of the child PDF (4876 Kb) en

Practical Handbook for Caseworkers under the 2007 Child Support Convention

Explanatory Report on the Hague Protocol of 23 November 2007 on the Law Applicable to Maintenance Obligations

Practice Guide - Jurisdiction and applicable law in international disputes between the employee and the employer

Promotional material

EJN poster PDF (162 Kb) en (available for dissemination)

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